Protect Your Estate for Your Spouse and Children

Protect Your Estate for Your Spouse and Children

Overview. As every parent knows, family dynamics can at times be challenging. Family dynamics can be especially challenging following the death of mom or dad. You can promote family harmony by establishing and documenting your wishes today as to what you would like to happen with regard to your wealth after you pass.

Help your spouse and children. You may be concerned about the many difficulties that can cause financial ruin for your surviving spouse, son, daughter or grandchild. These difficulties are pervasive in today’s society. Even strong willed, clear thinking individuals can fall prey to alcoholism, drug addictions or gambling addictions. Some individuals who are wonderful parents have difficulty managing money. Another issue that can stand between your son or daughter enjoying his or her inheritance is divorce. Consider for a moment what would happen if your son or daughter were to divorce sometime after you pass. Absent a carefully crafted estate plan, your estranged daughter-in-law or son-in-law could end up with some of your wealth. 

Remarriage.  Consider what would happen if your surviving spouse were to remarry and predecease this second spouse. Most of the wealth accumulated during the first marriage could pass to the second spouse, instead of to your children. With proper planning this unintended outcome can be avoided. 

Retain control. The good news is that you can retain control of your wealth until you take your last breath. You can pass your wealth on to your surviving spouse and/or children in a way that will insulate that wealth from claims of a divorcing spouse. You can leave your wealth to your heirs in ways that will protect the wealth from irresponsible behavior associated with various addictions and from financial mismanagement.


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